Facebook Messenger Bots have been revolutionizing the way business owners and marketers do business ever since they were released in late 2016. But what are they, really? And how do they work?

What Are Messenger Bots?

A Messenger bot is a program that runs autonomous digital messages through Facebook Messenger only. They can be designed to respond to questions, take orders, process payments, and more. By picking up on just a few keywords or characters, they can take a customer through the entire buying process. In some cases, Messenger bots are simply the gateway to a live person who can discuss a matter in further detail.

How Are They Created?

A Messenger bot can be created on the Facebook Developer’s Quick-start Page. Following the simple instructions in the bot-building software, business owners can create their bot. They can program it to make a call of action to the customer, and input the keywords they want the bot to respond to. When the bot responds to the customer, they can also be programmed to do so in a very human way.

Bot Benefits

Messenger bots are very beneficial to business owners that often get asked the same questions, or have to regularly perform the same tasks, such as processing payments.  A bot can perform these functions must faster and much more efficiently than humans can, getting more work done in a shorter amount of time.

Customers like Messenger bots as well. Today, consumers would much rather solve an issue quickly, automatically, and without actually talking to a person. When they work with companies that utilize this technology, it can actually build brand loyalty and make them more inclined to use that same business in the future.

A Bit of History

Years ago, when Messenger bots were first released, they were quite basic and didn’t have much of a human touch. Today’s Messenger bots, though, have become quite sophisticated and can do anything they are programmed to do. When done right, they can greatly strengthen the relationship between the business, and its customers.