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Can Do for Your Business?

24x7 Availability

Achieve what is near impossible using human resources. Your Bot is always available for audience interaction.

Audience Analytics

Installing Messenger Analytics allows you to discover and track exactly what your customers want. Precise, targeted messaging is now a possibility.

Infinitely Scalable

Chatbot traffic is readily scalable to support any size of user audience needed. This is great news for the business that experiences sharp peaks in visitor traffic. 

Website Integration

Seamlessly integrate your website with a Facebook business page. This lends itself to the use of Facebook Messenger as a business lead utility.

Audience Targeting Capability

As a business owner, you can target any messenger bot subscriber, since their email address is normally included. Think Email marketing!

Incredible Audience Reach

At last count, Facebook Messenger boasts some 1.3 Billion users. There is no other platform of its kind with such an audience reach.

Low-Cost Maintenance

Maintenance cost is largely driven by Bot redesign required due to changes in your business operations or the platform rules changes, which can be extremely low.

Email Marketing Integration

This is arguably the perfect complement to your Chatbot, leveraging its conversion efficiency while building your mailing list, opening an extremely low-cost marketing channel.

Making an Impact on Businesses Around the Globe

Chatbots: Arguably one of the best-kept secrets to achieving state-of-the-art business efficiency. Consider supplementing human resources with a 24x7x365 automated Customer Response capability, and the benefits are immediately obvious.

But Chatbots can do much more than this!

Chatbots - by The Numbers


83% of consumers say they will make messaging their primary means of contacting customer support if it means getting an immediate response. (Helpshift, 2019)


53% of customers are more likely to shop with businesses that they can message. (Outgrow, 2020)


67% of businesses believe that, in the next five years, chatbots will surpass mobile apps usage. (Honeybot, 2019)


69% of consumers said they’d prefer chatbots for receiving instantaneous responses. (Cognizant, 2019)


Top chatbot uses are for getting a quick answer in an emergency (37%), and resolving a complaint (35%). (Drift, 2018)


71% of consumers would gladly use a bot if it could improve their customer experience. (Conversocial, 2020)

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