Facebook Messenger bots are effective, easy to build, and can bring many benefits to both customers and the businesses that use them. However, to help your bot realize its full potential, follow the top five tips below.

1. Change the bot according to feedback

After customers have used a bot over a period of time, they will likely have suggestions for its improvement. They may want it to perform other functions, recognize other keywords, or have ideas about its design. While you certainly don’t need to act on all of them, consider the ones that make sense to you. If it can be done and it will make life easier for your customers, make changes to the bot when possible.

2. Promote your bot in the right places

Most businesses don’t already have millions of followers. This can make promoting a Messenger bot difficult. And if you only advertise on Facebook, it’s going to be hard to get your bot found. Instead, get creative with where you promote your Messenger bot. Think about industry-specific advertising channels, where your customers are, and where they’re most likely to see promotion for your bot.

3. Keep your bot brand-specific

The chances are that you’ve gone to a lot of time and trouble to develop a brand for your business. That brand sets the tone for how you do business, and it needs to shine through in your bot. If the tone of your business is formal, keep the language of the bot formal. If you’re very casual around the business and with your customers, though, don’t be afraid to mix in emojis and jokes with your bot’s language.

4. Limit the options

Overambitious business owners may want their bot to be able to do everything for their customers, and for the business. Truthfully though, having such a huge variety of options can make it confusing for the bot, and for the customer. And when things with a bot get confusing, customers are likely to leave the conversation.

Focus on one goal and then have any tasks the bot performs relate directly back to that goal. You can always change campaigns or what the bot does in the future if you want to change the focus of the bot.

5. Have a human backup team in place

Messenger bots can do a lot, but they certainly aren’t perfect. When they can’t answer a question or it doesn’t understand what the customer is trying to do, there needs to be a team of humans ready to interject. This will ensure the customer’s experience isn’t tainted.

There are many ways Facebook Messenger bots can help businesses convert more customers, provide better customer service, and keep Facebook followers engaged. These tips are just a few of the best that will help any business owner do all of these things, and more!