Have you ever been on Facebook and had an automatic chatbot pop up? If so, you’re already familiar with Facebook Messenger bots. These automatic programs are designed to automatically receive, and respond to, messages.

Released in 2016, Messenger bots are still relatively new. However, this is one marketplace that is about to become very crowded. Business owners that want to stay ahead of the technology should start using them as soon as possible.

But how can they do that? By following these top five ways to use Facebook Messenger, no matter how big or small the business!

Track Purchases

The best way to track purchases through a Facebook Messenger bot is to become a member of Shopify. When a bot can be linked to a Shopify account and communicate about delivery, returns, and other routine aspects of a purchase, it can make life much easier for the business owner.

Generate Leads

Business owners often waste a lot of time qualifying leads only to have just a fraction of them convert to being a customer. Facebook Messenger bots can qualify leads much faster, and while the business owner is running their business. Just by reworking a Messenger bot, leads can be shuffled further down the funnel. The bot can then schedule an appointment or otherwise direct them towards the business.

Create Subscriptions

Offering customers valuable information through a newsletter or blog is very profitable for businesses today. Giving this information away for free can build brand loyalty, and establish the business as the authority in the industry. By using Facebook Messenger bots to collect and confirm subscriptions, the business owner can once again save time, while more people are directed to their business.

Connect with People Automatically

Any business owner using Facebook Messenger bots is also going to have a Facebook page for their business. These two can also work together. When someone ‘likes’ a Facebook post published by the business, or comments on their page, a bot can appear. The bot can then welcome them, ask if they have any questions, or even be programmed to talk about any specials the business is offering.

Interact with People in Real-Time

Another Facebook technology that customers love is Facebook Live. With this feature, business owners can demonstrate how to use a product, conduct a live Q&A, or more. Just before going live, the bot can send a reminder message to those that follow the page. Customers love interacting with businesses in real-time, when they can get immediate information and answers to their questions.

As Facebook Messenger bots continue to increase in popularity, business owners may be hesitant to use them simply because they don’t know how. These are just a few of the best ways any business owner can use a bot to boost their business!